Value Driven Negotiation

Win the deal and keep your profit in all business climates

The ability to negotiate well is an absolute necessity – anyone can strike a deal by conceding. Turn the typical positional negotiation into a cooperative discussion. Even the toughest procurement specialists will want to do business with you again and you’ll keep your margins. This sales negotiation training course offers the latest methodologies and coaching from seasoned negotiators. You’ll also receive a unique insight into how buyers think and behave.

TACK’s Value Driven Negotiation Training Course will help you to develop winning strategies and hone your skills in fast paced negotiations.

You will leave the course able to:

  • Understand the psychology and process of negotiation
  • Know how to prepare and commence a negotiation
  • Trade ‘variables’ and concessions profitably
  • React positively and confidently to the strategies and tactics used by the other party
  • Achieve win/win and maintain good relationships


This course covers the following topics:

Value Driven Negotiation

  • This course covers the following topics
  • The Value-Driven Negotiation concept
  • Why negotiate?
  • What is value?
  • Value Driven Negotiation as a continuous process

Defining value

  • How to recognise where the other side sees and defines value
  • Position versus interest
  • Value drivers

Balancing Value

  • Fact-finding to identify priorities
  • Analysing your offer and understanding your key benefits
  • The differentiated value proposition

Aligning Value

  • How to identify the right people, the right process, and right order
  • Building the right relationships
  • Show how both your and their interest align

Creating Value

  • Building variables, options, and limits
  • Finding a trading range
  • Using value levers

Role Plays

  • Using financial variables in negotiation
  • Using high value/ low-cost concessions with customers

Negotiation “power”

  • What is power in negotiation
  • The sources of power in negotiation
  • How best to use power

Claiming and defending value

  • How true differentiation strengthens your position
  • How to adapt your negotiation style to the other personalities involved
  • The negotiation ploys that are most commonly used by buyers to extract maximum value from sellers

Case study and role play

  • A negotiation situation which challenges both buyers and sellers




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