Solution Selling

Consultative sales skills for experienced salespeople

This course shows sales professionals how to present their offer in terms of its contribution to business goals, how to justify the cost and sell Return on Investment (where this is a key decision factor). Solution selling requires a special mix of skills. Drawing on the results of TACK’s regular research into ‘buyers’ views of salespeople’, the training also shows how to avoid some common pitfalls, build strong personal relationships with different customer personalities and sell conversationally and consultative. The Solution Selling Course addresses head-on the challenges that today’s salespeople face in increasing their share of highly competitive markets.

You will leave the course able to:

  • Identify your customers’ true needs and priorities through consultative selling
  • Design and present your solution in a very clear and motivational way and win against tough competition
  • Successfully manage relationships with different types of people and respond to their concerns and objections
  • Negotiate favourable terms and conditions with procurement
  • Achieve ‘trusted adviser’ status in the eyes of your customers


This course covers the key topics of:


Relationship management adaptability

  • The importance of building key relationships
  • The different interpersonal styles
  • The characteristics of each style

Investigation and need identification

  • TACK’s powerful questioning model FIND®
  • Linked, in-depth questioning
  • Developing mutually beneficial solutions

Differentiated value propositions

  • Customer motivation
  • The key concept of ‘YOU Appeal’®
  • How to compare and communicate your value-added differentiators

Presenting your value proposition

  • Creating powerful selling messages
  • How to communicate with a small, informal group
  • How to present to a larger group

Business finance

  • The financial structure of companies
  • How companies achieve ROI and profitability
  • The key profitability objectives that you need to target

Advanced objection handling

  • Why different objections are raised by different types of people
  • Objection handling strategies
  • Matching the strategy to the customer’s personality style


  • Key negotiation skills
  • The professional procurement process
  • Strategies and tactics used by customers

Delivering the solution

  • Potential pitfalls of implementation
  • The customer’s viewpoint
  • Establishing goals and evaluating your company’s performance



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