Sales Management

Achieving success through your team

TACK’s Sales Management training courses provide a safe environment for the essential management skills to be learned, practised and perfected.

An organisations sales team is a powerful entity. It is the face of a business, able to make or break customer relationships and business reputations. A sales team needs to be focused, directed, energised and motivated. These sales management training programmes are divided into two elements – Part one focuses on core sales management skills required to create and lead a professional sales team. Part two further extends these core skills whilst specifically focusing on business planning, forecasting and driving results.


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 You will leave the course able to:

Module I of this course covers the following key topics:

Sales Management Styles

  • The role and objectives of the Sales Manager
  • The different Sales Management Styles and their advantages and disadvantages
  • How to adapt your natural style when necessary

Sales Leadership

  • The elements of sales leadership
  • Personal authority and influence
  • Communication in leadership

Sales team motivation

  • What motivates people
  • The role of money as a motivator
  • Different motivational techniques

Key performance indicators

  • What are KPI’s?
  • How to identify the most important ones
  • The best way to use them

Selling Skills

  • The PRO-PAYBACK® sales process
  • How to assess salespeople’s skills
  • How to target improvement


  • The coaching process
  • Field accompaniment
  • Principles of giving feedback

Effective sales meetings

  • The different objectives and how to combine them
  • How to plan a strong agenda
  • How to run a good meeting

Sales recruitment

  • The correct selection process
  • How to create a good person specification
  • How to plan and run selection interviews


Module II of this course covers the following key topics

Business planning

  • Strategic planning
  • Business development
  • Sales planning

Performance management

  • Setting performance standards
  • Appraising performance
  • Talent development

Managing change

  • Drivers for change
  • Why people resist change
  • A systematic approach to introducing

Business finance

  • Different types of capital investment
  • Profit and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • The 5 corporate Profitability

Team building

  • The team building pyramid
  • How teams operate
  • Team decision making


  • The stages of negotiation
  • Skills and qualities of a good negotiator
  • Strategies and tactics used


  • The role of coaching and counseling in overall performance management
  • The coaching process
  • The counseling process

Time management

  • Best practice in time management for sales managers
  • How to establish priorities and work to them
  • How to guide your team in

Interpersonal styles

  • The four different Interpersonal Styles and their characteristics
  • Using Interpersonal Styles in recruitment
  • Using Interpersonal Styles in


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