PRO-PAYBACK Selling® in Action

Develop and extend your existing skills

This interactive, role-play based workshop will develop the highest level of face to face selling skills through one-to-one coaching. The small group size will give you lots of opportunities to increase your confidence through practice and feedback and add a new dimension to your selling.

You will leave the course able to:

  • Confidently applying the PRO-PAYBACK® process in every sales conversation
  • Understanding the different personality types you sell to and how to adapt your approach to each type of customer
  • With a clear and effective strategy for writing e-mail ‘follow-ups’
  • With a practical Personal Action Plan for continuing development as a sales professional


This course covers the following key topics:



  • Sales knowledge test
  • Revision of PRO-PAYBACK® process

Sales Maze interactive project

  • PRO-PAYBACK® in action
  • Correct actions for all stages of the sales process
  • Reacting correctly to customer behaviors

Skills practice session I

  • Applying the theory in a simulated sales situation
  • Receiving feedback
  • Understanding the customer’s viewpoint

Interpersonal Styles

  • The four different Interpersonal Styles
  • The characteristics of each style
  • Blending your own Interpersonal Style with different types of customers

Writing effective emails

  • The components of an effective e-mail
  • Winning attention and building interest
  • How to achieve action from e-mails

Skills practice session II

  • Build on your first skill practice and making visible progress
  • Receiving feedback and coaching

Personal action planning

  • Identify your own key development points
  • Plan for improved personal effectiveness



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