Key Account Management

Protect, maintain and grow your most valuable customers

80% of your sales will come from around 20% of your customers. It is usually this top 20% of customers – those with the potential to generate the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) – a business will typically define as its Key Accounts. Consequently, organizations must pay particular attention to nurturing, growing and retaining these valuable accounts. A skilled Key Account Manager plays one of the most important roles in protecting a business’s prosperity.

TACK’s Key Account Management training gives Account Managers the essential edge they need in an increasingly competitive business environment!

You will leave the course able to:

  • Understand the planning process required for your complex key accounts
  • Develop strategies for penetrating, winning and developing significant accounts
  • Understand and influence different personality types found in the decision-making process within your customer organisations
  • Analyse and understand all aspects of your accounts decision process, factors and key players
  • Understand and develop plans to counter your competitors for the account


This course covers the following key topics:

Key account overview

  • Assessing the opportunity
  • Definition of key accounts
  • Development stages of a key account, simple/complex/transactional continuum
  • Why key accounts fail
  • Levels of strategic attention
  • Key criteria
  • Account attractiveness
  • Potential
  • Strength of position


  • The value of intelligence
  • Key account background and environment
  • Sources of information


  • Key account positioning
  • Client centred selling: Power
  • Authority versus influence
  • Client centred selling: Personality
  • Personality types
  • Reading behaviour
  • Client centred selling: Position
  • Competitive analysis
  • Client centred selling: Priorities
  • Identifying needs and wants
  • Buying motivators


  • Setting the account strategy
  • Account objective objectives
  • Forecasting revenues
  • Evaluating the partnership


  • Negotiating checklist
  • Review meeting checklist
  • Presentation checklist
  • Tactical event planner
  • Barrier analysis

Key account planner

  • Key account planning template


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