Influencing and Communication

Increase your impact and personal effectiveness

This is a practical, dynamic and insightful programme designed for people from any organisational function who, as a key part of their role, are required to build relationships and influence people outside their immediate line of authority, both internal and external to their organisation. The programme develops people to quickly build effective working relationships and understand how to communicate persuasively when influencing their key stakeholders. Specifically it will provide participants with the tools and skills to communicate effectively whether in writing, verbally or through non-verbal communication such as body language. It will enable them to develop their confidence and ability to influence the thinking and the actions of their key stakeholders.

You will leave the course able to:

  • Use the principles of DiSC® behaviours to communicate with, and influence the attitudes and behaviours of others
  • Adapt your approach according to the communication preferences of different age groups – Generations X, Y and Z
  • Develop clearly defined outcomes and strategies for key interactions and communications with others
  • Foster greater understanding and accelerate the development of relationships and rapport
  • Recognise and apply different language patterns based upon the principles of DiSC®
  • Adapt the format and structure of a message to ensure it is relevant and persuasive
  • Present and communicate key messages with personal impact
  • Influence the thinking and actions of others


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