Conflict Management

Confidently diffuse conflict and harness differences to improve performance

Workplace conflict is on the rise, so knowing how to quickly diffuse situations and address sources of potential conflict is a skill all organisations and employees must master. Failure to do so can be corrosive; lowering productivity, staff morale and confidence while increasing instances of stress related absenteeism and staff turnover. Developing and maintaining positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders in today’s complex and diverse work environment is a business critical skill.

Learn how to:

  • Handle conflict effectively and without stress
  • Understand the sources of workplace stress so you can manage conflict better
  • Transform the destructive energy of conflict into productivity It requires early identification of
  • Recognise the five styles of conflict resolution and how to best adapt your style and approach to a conflict situation
  • Understand your preferred style of conflict resolution
  • Apply the Stop, Pause, Go model to collaborative conflict resolution
  • Apply emotional management techniques to managing emotions during conflict
  • Explain assumptions and their effect on conflict
  • Use active-listening skills to improve the working environment
  • Apply assertive Communication language techniques to express your needs and respect the needs of others


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