Authentic Leadership

Discover your ‘Authentic Leader’ and inspire others to excel

Leadership has changed as modern business teams have become increasingly diverse and multi-generational. With these changes come a variety of challenges, as different personalities have unique expectations around their responsibilities, preferred methods of communication and modes of working. Not only do leaders need to know how to manage, they also need to inspire and motivate their teams to ensure strong performance in a competitive global economy.

You will leave the course able to:

  • Inspire your team in the appropriate way to embrace your vision and aims
  • Make the transition from Manager to Authentic Leader
  • Understand your natural leadership style, as well as your strengths and overused traits, and lead effectively
  • Utilise your leadership qualities to generate a culture of collaboration that enables idea sharing beyond your immediate team, transferring knowledge throughout your organisation across all authority levels
  • Leverage your leadership style to influence complex teams, with or without authority, across the matrix organisation
  • Foster a collaborative culture where individuals with differing objectives work together to generate solutions for the success of the organisation as a whole, not just themselves
  • Adapt to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity within a constantly changing environment
  • Identify and enhance positive leadership behaviours that help engineer solutions in difficult situations


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