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We work with you to support the development of sales strategies, review, selection and implementation of sales processes and maximising the effectiveness of your sales leadership and teams.



Maximising the contribution of your people

Generating exceptional performance requires an all-embracing approach and the successful integration of systems, processes, tools, people, knowledge and, of course, relevant competencies and skills. At TACK we offer the complete package to develop your people and advance your business.

Peter Byrne

Peter Byrne is Managing Director of TACK International (Ireland). Prior to taking over TACK in Ireland, Peter established a leading strategic management and development organization that partnered with a US based company originating out of Wharton Business School. He built this to be their largest global partner.

Internationally, Peter has undertaken significant projects with IDA Ireland, Vodafone, Pepsi, BAT, BANTA and Phillips Electronics. His work with these companies focused on substantial projects leading to the implementation of new processes, methodologies and competency development.

He is a graduate of University College Dublin, holds the Degree of Master of Business Administration from Kingston Business School, UK and is a certified Master Trainer from the Master Trainer Institute, Geneva. He has completed the Programme on Negotiation and Mediation at the Harvard Negotiation Institute, Harvard Law School.

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Local Quotes

"TACK has supported us in developing our global sales capability, enhancing our sales competencies and developing processes to support our long term relationships with our global clients. We have used TACK’s programmes in Europe, the USA and Asia. Programme content and consistency of delivery have been the essential elements in the success of their deployment for us. TACK’s retained experience in dealing with our Organisation subsequently contributed to the development of bespoke programmes for us in these 3 continents."
Senior VP Global Sales
MPS (Division of WestRock)
"Working with TACK over the past few years has significantly helped us outperform market growth rates. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to support effective business growth”.
Brooks Group


With offices in 45 countries and the ability to deliver in 35 languages. Fill out the form and learn with us today!
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TACK has worked with clients around the world, in many markets and across industries, helping them at every stage of the business cycle.

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