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Profitable Negotiating

Win the deal and keep your profit

Business need

Ever won the deal but lost the profit? Effective negotiation demands a unique combination of skills aside from your existing sales or buying skills. This practical 'hands on' course focuses on the best negotiation techniques - allowing you to cooperate rather than compete to achieve a good result for both parties in the negotiation. You'll experience the challenges from both sides of the negotiating table, learning how to plan and implement your strategy without giving away your profit.

Who will benefit?

Although principally designed for salespeople and buyers, it is of equal benefit to anyone who has to conduct negotiations.

High spot

* You'll participate in a complex contract renewal negotiation - variables of price, volume, credit terms, discounts and expansion plans must all be negotiated and agreed!

Key learning points

* Apply the structure of effective negotiations - pre-plan so you know when to move to the next stage
* Manage the negotiation sequence - understand how to take up the right 'initial stance' and remain in control throughout
* Strengthen your position through intelligent questioning - obtain and use information to best effect
* Recognise the strategies and tactics used by professional buyers - use effective psychological and logical countermeasures
* Assess the impact of concessions - will the end result still be commercially viable?
* Analyse your 'strength of position' - recognise sources of power and leverage and how they are used
* Implement the skills and qualities of a successful negotiator - assess your strengths and weaknesses through role-plays and self-analysis to improve your negotiating style

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