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Making Your Time Count

Stop counting wasted time

Business need

In today’s results oriented business environment, time management isn’t easy for anyone. Every day you face the pressure of increasing demands from colleagues, customers and your boss. This intensive workshop covers an amazing number of practical techniques to help you plan, organise and become more effective with your time.

Who will benefit?

This course is suitable for anyone who faces time pressures.

High spots

* Free up your time through delegation – whatever your role you’ll learn that by being a little more flexible you can delegate work not only to your team and colleagues but also to your manager

* Assertiveness techniques to combat interruptions and additional pressures on your time – you’ll be raring to get back to work to try out your new techniques

* 30 Ways to Make More Time – this powerful video summarises all the ideas and techniques you learn on the course and will help you to devise an action plan to really Make Your Time Count

Key learning points

* Identify your business objectives and personal priorities to achieve a sensible work/life balance – get your team, colleagues, boss and customers to agree realistic priorities by balancing importance with urgency and setting objective criteria to assess your performance

* Negotiate effectively – secure the resources you need to achieve your objectives

* Apply the TACK Time Management Model – achieve quick wins by identifying and managing the most common time management ‘black spots’. And take away the TACK Meetings Charter to avoid the frustration of unstructured, time wasting meetings

* Handle paperwork and email efficiently and effectively – apply simple rules to keep on top of your in-tray and in-box

* Plan your work for the short, medium and long term – the TACK Time to Plan exercise will show you how to build flexibility into your plans and prepare a Daily Action Plan for really busy days

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