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Effective Supervisory Management 2

Coach and counsel your team to handle change

Business need

Today the only real point of difference between organisations is the quality of their people. In a business environment where change is the only constant – coaching, counselling and correction are essential people management skills. This interactive course will reinforce and develop your skills, leaving you better able to lead a successful team.

Who will benefit?

Those who have previously attended the TACK Effective Supervisory Management course – ideally within 2-3 months of the original course. It is of equal benefit to team leaders, supervisors or managers who lack formal training in coaching and counselling or in handling change.

High spot

* ‘Teamwork for a Change’ – this exercise provides you with practical ideas to cope with each different ‘change animal’

Key learning points

* Help your company become a Learning Organisation – integrate learning into your team’s daily activities

* Set up an effective Performance Management system – agree achievable but challenging targets for each team member

* Identify the development needs of each team member – empower them to take ownership of their personal development

* Deliver effective coaching sessions – improve performance with this vital skill

* Provide counselling support – receive feedback on your counselling skills and help team members face their problems

* Get more out of meetings – plan and conduct results oriented meetings

* Solve problems and make decisions – apply a variety of creative techniques

* Manage your time and reduce stress – stick to your priorities and avoid stress with TACK Task Lists

* Action plan for improved performance – you’ll leave the programme with an Action Folder containing a Purple Page for each key topic, helping you to achieve maximum performance improvement when you return to work

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